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900 MHz Ethernet PLC Radios - Industrial Wireless Ethernet bridges link SCADA network equipment up to 25 miles away

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Industrial Wireless Ethernet 900 MHz PLC Radio Modem - 900 MHz FHSS Industrial Wireless Ethernet Radio Modem System

Models: WISE-B-900 (170 KB/s)

Approvals: Class 1, Division 2, Groups A,B,C,D  Class 1, Zone 2, Group IIC

Extend Ethernet connections to PLC locations not serviced by your company network with Synetcom's 900 MHz Industrial Wireless PLC Radio Modem product.  Connect PLC, RTU, Wireless I/O, data acquisition and remote control equipment with the WISE-B-900 PLC Ethernet Radio - build reliable long distance, license free wireless industrial SCADA systems.

Synetcom's 900 MHz Ethernet Radio systems are designed for reliable high data throughput even if the radio path is not ideal.  Higher transmit power and better receiver sensitivity enable Ethernet connections to remote PLC and RTU locations that you could not reach in the past. 

For higher data throughput on line of site links, see our 2.4 GHz Ethernet Radio products.

  • 900 MHz Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum FHSS PLC radio
  • Wireless networking of PLCs
  • Wireless networking of industrial data acquisition and remote control equipment
  • Radio is IP addressable
  • Wireless Ethernet bridge between PLC, RTU, sensors, controllers and HMI computers
  • Long Range - up to 25 miles with 20 dB fade margin - high throughput sustained
  • Advanced ARQ, CRC error control, hopping algorithm
  • Excellent immunity to interference and multipath fading
  • Ethernet Radio repeaters for >25 miles
  • Rugged packaging for industrial use - 14GA metal enclosure
  • -30C to + 70C
PLC Ethernet Radio - 2.4 GHz

900 MHz Industrial Wireless Ethernet PLC Radio

Synetcom's 900 MHz Ethernet PLC Radio is a rugged, long range 900 MHz radio that connects PLC, RTU, I/O and other SCADA equipment. The radio is designed to provide high speed wireless connectivity between PLCs and PLC networks - without compromising reliability and performance. Typical uses include Ethernet bridging, SCADA device networking, PLC networking and industrial wireless data acquisition and control.

The product can function as a high speed bridge between two Ethernet networks, or it can provide wireless networking between an HMI computer + master PLC and multiple remote slave PLCs.  Complex data acquisition and control systems can be built using repeaters to extend range and coverage.

Data Throughput and Range
The 900 MHz Ethernet PLC Radio operates with data throughput significantly higher than other industrial (FHSS) Ethernet radios:

WISE-B-900: 150 KB/s (25 miles with 11 dBi gain antennas)

Maximum throughput occurs on a point-to-point link.  Error-free data transmission is assured via CRC error checking and ARQ (automatic retransmission of packets with bit errors).

Why doesn't the radio transmit at 10 MB/s?  Industrial Ethernet applications often demand long range and high reliability which is obtained only by operating the link more slowly - a limitation of physics, not the radio design.

For example, faster commodity 802.11 Ethernet bridges or routers offer a higher throughout but only over short distances (1-2 miles under ideal conditions) with the same reliability our radios deliver at 25 miles.

Comparison to 2.4 GHz                               Our 2.4 GHz Industrial Ethernet Radios typically operate at 220 KB/s or faster by design.  Actual data throughput may be compromised if there are obstructions in the radio path.  The 900 MHz Wireless Ethernet Modem is less affected by obstructions. 


- Wireless Networking of PLCs

- Industrial Wireless Ethernet SCADA systems

- Wireless PLC Data Acquisition

- Wireless PLC Remote Control

- Long Distance Wireless PLC Ethernet Links

Transmission Range: Synetcom specifies a 25 mile range (900 MHz Ethernet PLC Radio) that includes a 20 dB margin (if the signal fades as much as 20 dB - a factor of 1/100 - the link continues to operate).

Obstructions in the line of sight path reduces range, depending on the type of obstruction.  Contact our factory for assistance.

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