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  Radio Telemetry I/O Expander  
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Radio Telemetry I/O Expander System: 2 to 8 I/O points, RS-485 or RS-232 Interface to Radio

Model DIN-IOS (-1, -2, -3, -4, -5 versions)

The Radio Telemetry I/O Expander system can be used to build out industrial I/O points (precision 4-20 mA, Discrete, Relay) across a facility or region linked by Synetcom's license free Serial SCADA Radio Modem product or a licensed radio telemetry modem.  One radio is required per site and connects to site Expanders using the radio's RS-485 or RS-232 port. 

I/O Expander modules are available with several standard I/O types and counts.  They are matched to other I/O expanders located anywhere in the system with a simple DIP switch address setting.  No other configuration is needed.

This approach lets you start with a small system and add additional I/O points and remote sites without disrupting system operation.

An adapter option allows the Radio Telemetry I/O Expander system to be used with RS-232 radios, including VHF and UHF licensed telemetry radio modems.


o Bi-Directional I/O Interface Expansion – Analogs, discretes converted to RS-485

o Two or more I/O Interfaces Modules – tied together using a twisted pair allow remote sensors and control functions to be networked over RS-485.

o Industrial Grade - -40C to +70C, DIN Rail enclosure with ESD and RF filtering on all I/O

o Low DC Power – connections for external battery and solar panel

o Simple to Install – no calibration or configuration required


-1: 2 4-20 mA Inputs, 2 4-20 mA Outputs, 2 Discrete In, 2 Relay Out

-2: 8 4-20 mA Inputs

-3: 8 4-20 mA Outputs

-4: 8 Digital Inputs

-5: 8 Relay Outputs

Radio Telemetry I/O Expander

Radio Telemetry I/O Expander (-1 version shown)

Synetcom's Radio Telemetry I/O Expander adds industrial I/O points to serial or telemetry radio modems.

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