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In business for over 20 years, Synetcom is now headquartered in a brand new facility in Oceanside, CA, with other offices in CA.  Our specialty is industrial wireless.  Our products are designed and supported by our team of Oceanside, CA engineers.  Every system we ship is configured to work in your specific application.  From standard products to customized systems, our goal is your success!  We guarantee your satisfaction, or your money back.

Call our experts with your next industrial radio application - you will reach an engineer who understands the products and can answer your questions.

Our original WISE 4-20 I/O Radios started shipping in 1998 and are still in operation at many sites across the US - we continue to offer full factory support for these systems.

Synetcom® is a US manufacturer of long range license free 900 MHz, 2.4 GHz and licensed VHF, UHF industrial wireless I/O radios and I/O expanders:

> Wireless I/O 4-20mA Sensor Radios

> Serial RS-232, RS-485 Radios

> Industrial Wireless Ethernet Radios

> Serial and Ethernet I/O Expanders / Concentrators

> VHF UHF Licensed 5W RTU Telemetry Radio


Industrial Grade Wireless Systems

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Advanced system designs with Wireless Modbus, Ethernet IP, Ethernet TCP, Fieldbus, Video

Design / Fabrication of custom solar power systems, panels and enclosures

Facility-wide redundant and meshed radio systems

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Computerized terrain mapping and signal calculations allow you to see how reliable our industrial wireless systems are - learn more about engineering support we offer free to our customers.

Contact our factory in Southern California for more information about any of our products - ask about our money back guarantee! 760 330 9500

24 hour factory support available

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Industrial Wireless Ethernet, Wireless I/O, SCADA and Radio Telemetry Data Modem Systems

900 MHz Industrial Wireless Ethernet Radio Modem:
> PLC Ethernet 900 MHz SCADA Radio - Industrial Wireless Ethernet PLC radio
PLC Ethernet 900 MHz Radio - spec data - FHSS long range - 25 miles

2.4 GHz Industrial Wireless Ethernet Radio Modem:
> PLC Ethernet 2.4 GHz SCADA Radio - Industrial Wireless Ethernet PLC radio
PLC Ethernet 2.4 GHz Radio - spec data - FHSS long range - 35 miles

900 MHz and 2.4 GHz DIN Rail Wireless I/O - Sensor Radios:
> 4-20mA Wireless I/O Products - 900 MHz, 2.4 GHz
4-20mA Wireless I/O Sensor Radio - spec data - FHSS precision 4-20mA

900 MHz and 2.4 GHz DIN Rail Serial Data Radios RS-232 RS-485:
> Long Range License Free Radio Modem - 900 MHz, High Power with Encryption
> Serial Radio Modem - 900 MHz, 2.4 GHz Wireless RS232 RS485 Data
> Serial Radio Modem - spec data - wireless serial data - FHSS long range

I/O Expanders for RS-485 Serial Data Radios or Wired Connections:
> Radio Telemetry I/O Expander - 4-20 mA loops, digitals over RS485
> Radio Telemetry I/O Expander - spec data - up to 4: 4-20mA loops

Telemetry RTU Radio for Licensed VHF / UHF Bands:
> Telemetry RTU - Licensed wireless 150 and 450 MHz 5W Sensor radio
Telemetry RTU - Licensed wireless - spec data

Industrial Wireless SCADA Radio System Distributed I/O Products

Distributed I/O DIN Rail Expanders for Wired RS485 Data::
> Radio Telemetry I/O System - Link 4-20mA loops, digitals over RS485
> Radio Telemetry I/O System - spec data - distributed remote site I/O

Distributed I/O DIN Rail Expanders for Ethernet:

> Ethernet Radio Distributed I/O System - Link 4-20mA, digitals over 10BT
> Ethernet Radio Distributed I/O System - specs - distribute I/O over wired or wireless Ethernet connections - Wireless I/O data over Ethernet
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