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Wireless I/O Network

Block Diagram


Point to point 2-way I/O between 2 locations
Point to point (expandable I/O count) 2-way high I/O count between 2 locations
Point to multipoint

Control of many locations from a central Host
Point to multipoint with expandable Host I/O count

2-way I/O between many locations and a central Host
Distributed I/O - expandable I/O count mesh network 2-way I/O between many locations (mesh network)
  Wireless I/O radios link 4-20mA and discretes between sites

DIN-R 4-20mA I/O Sensor Radio Products link analogs and discretes between SCADA sites


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Product Spec Data - 2
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Wireless I/O:
Bidirectional Long Range Spread Spectrum Radios Link 4-20mA Sensor Current Loops, Discretes, and Relay I/O

Click here for VHF/UHF Licensed Radio Version

Model: DIN-R

Synetcom's DIN-R 4-20mA Wireless sensor radio system features fixed I/O count low DC power radios for the 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz spread spectrum bands. 

Radio I/O is up to 2 (two-way) high precision sensor 4-20mA current loops (16 bit), 2 discretes, and 2 relays in an easy to install DIN rail package.  The system creates a two-way wireless link between remote site sensors and PLC or RTU SCADA system nodes.  256-bit AES encryption is included with the 1 watt 900 MHz radio modem.  No field configuration is required for the DIN-R product.

For applications with more than two sites, or with expandable Wireless I/O requirements, use Synetcom's Serial SCADA Radio Modem with Radio Telemetry I/O Expander.

  • High Speed - 220 Kbps @ 2.4 GHz - frequency hopping spread spectrum
  • I/O Count - up to 4 4-20mA analogs (16 bit / 24 bit internal), 4 discretes and 2 relays
  • Industrial Grade - -40C to +70C,  surge, short circuit and RF filtering on all I/O
  • Radio Types - 900 MHz & 2.4 GHz Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum
  • Continuous Link Operation - not report by exception
  • High data security - 256 bit AES encrypted 1 watt 900 MHz radio.
  • Long Range - up to 40 miles with 20 dB fade margin (1 watt 900 MHz)
  • Low DC Power - self-contained battery / solar operation options

Synetcom's 4-20mA Wireless I/O sensor radio product

4-20mA Wireless I/O Sensor Radio

4-20mA Sensor Radio Overview
The 4-20mA sensor radio system is designed to reliably and securely replace cable in short or long range industrial applications.  All I/O is replicated symmetrically on both sides of the radio link - analogs with full 16 bit precision.  The radios use sophisticated data coding and checking for error free performance at 900 MHz or 2.4 GHz.  The radios report to each other continuously - not by exception. 

Easy Installation
Each 4-20mA sensor radio is shipped factory-configured and tested. There is no field configuration necessary. Typical installation involves simply mounting and powering the units and connecting the antennas and I/O.

Self Test/Verification
A convenient 'Test' button is provided on both remote and host units to allow verification of the radios.  An alarm LED indicates status of the radio link.  Signal strength is verified using the built-in RSSI test.

License Free Long Range Radios
Both the 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz systems utilize frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) with advanced protocols that greatly increase the communications reliability in high noise and interference environments.

Our factory engineers can help with the radio selection.  The flexible radio approach allows you to trade speed, communication distance, and cost.

System Configuration
One radio is located nearest the sensor and includes 4-20mA, discrete or relay, as well as the complete radio, antenna, optional battery and solar power sub-systems. All radios are shipped factory configured, however field changes can be made with an 8 position DIP switch located behind the front panel.  No PC is required.

Repeaters are used whenever either distance or major obstructions cause the radio signals to be weak. We offer several versions, including one for each radio type and autonomous battery/solar powered versions.  Data is processed through all Repeaters in digital form so sensor reading accuracy is never affected.

System Accessories
Synetcom offers a complete line of accessories and system enhancements including:

- Antennas and coaxial cable for short and long distance applications

- Lightning and external surge / loop isolation equipment

- NEMA plastic and metal enclosures with internal DIN rail mounts - designed to house the radio, power supply and other options

- Solar panel, battery, radio enclosure optimized for installations where AC power is not available.

Product Data Sheet - 1
Product Spec Data - 2
Product Application Data - 3

Transmission Range:
Synetcom specifies a 35-mile (2.4 GHz) range and 40 mile 900 MHz range that includes a 20 dB margin (if the signal fades as much as 20 dB - a factor of 1/100 - the link continues to operate).

Obstructions in the line of sight path reduces range, depending on the type of obstruction.  Contact our factory for assistance.

Radio Choices:
o For short range (<1000') indoor or outdoor applications, the low power 900 MHz 4-20mA I/O radio is recommended - lowest cost and robust over shorter distances, even with obstructions.

o For moderate range (1000' - 20 miles), choose the 1 watt 4-20mA 900 MHz I/O radio for most applications, especially those that don't have line of sight.

o If the link must be secure or if long range is needed at 900 MHz, choose the 256 bit AES encrypted 1 watt 900 MHz 4-20mA I/O radio (40 miles).

o For applications in Europe and other countries that allow only 2.4 GHz, choose the 2.4 GHz 4-20mA I/O radio (5 miles).

o For licensed VHF and UHF operation, see our WISE 4-20 Telemetry RTU product.



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